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Arabic is used as an official language in more than 20 countries around the world, Arabic is a widespread language, and many people around the world seek to learn Arabic indifferent to the difficulty of learning it, but because they understand the importance of this language.

The Arabic language is already the heritage of the Arabs, and it is a rich language and full of culture, many Arab scientists in the past have sought research and knowledge, and have reached a lot of works in various fields of science in this language, and their research in Arabic has become a reference for all languages and seeks to translate them to supply them and to study Arab culture, moreover, whoever wants to study and learn Arab culture, he is in dire need of knowledge of the Arabic language, and needs to deepen it until he reaches a level that allows In our time we see that many foreigners are willing to learn Arabic, to help them understand Islam correctly, and do not forget the importance of grammar in this language, grammar is what makes us fluent in this language, and grammar is an integral part of learning Arabic, and it has a lot of rich details.

Arabic is distinguished from other languages by a set of characteristics, the most important of which are:

Acoustic characteristics: It is represented by the distribution of the exits of letters from the lips to the far corner, where these exits are multiple and varied, taking into account the coordination and balance between the sounds of letters in one word.

Derivation: The Arabic language enables us to derive words with some amount of meaning in a single origin, which saves effort and saves time on the learner.

Characteristics of the Arabic word: The word in Arabic has several characteristics, different from the characteristics of other words in the rest of the languages, such as shape, structure, formula and weight.

Arabization: The words of the Arabic language are related to each other in terms of letters, sounds, compositions, body and structure, so that if a foreign word enters the Arabic language, it must follow the weights of the Arabic language.

The property of the meanings of Arabic words: There are methods followed by Arabs in determining words and nouns based on the use of the adjective of the thing in its naming and retaining the original meaning that indicates the name and referring to the adjective of the noun and its function that it performs.

Conciseness: One of the most famous sayings of the Arabs in the briefing is “brevity is eloquence”, and they also said “the best words are what is said and indicated”.

The importance of the Arabic language is visible and is not hidden from anyone, which is the language of the Holy Qur’an, and the importance of the Arabic language is manifested in many things and several items, including the following:

The importance of the Arabic language came from the fact that it is the origin of understanding the Qur’an, and the link of the Arabic language to the Holy Qur’an is closely linked, on the one hand man cannot understand the subtleties of the things found in the Qur’an unless he is a scholar of the Arabic language, and on the other hand the role of scholars and companions to urge the understanding and study of Arabic, and the connection of the language to the Qur’an preserved by Allah bequeathed to it to save it from being lost.

The Arabic language is the language of statement and understanding, and the Holy Quran has emphasized this, when the Arab wants to describe the sword, the lion or other names, there are a lot of synonyms, and this is what we find only in the Arabic language.

It is important for the Arabic language that understanding this language is a way to make an argument against people and other nations, as anyone who does not understand the language is not aware of its origins will not be able to be a witness.

The Arabic language derived its importance from the fact that learning it is a duty of those who wanted to ask for the hadith and narrate it, as the hadith can only be understood by those who were familiar with the origins of the language.

The importance of the Arabic language comes from the fact that it is the interpreter of the Holy Qur’an, and those who study Islamic jurisprudence must learn the subtleties of the language, its origins and synonyms, to delve into the interpretation of the verses of the Holy Book, and those wrong interpretations are only ignorance of the language.


Modern Standard Arabic, is an updated and simplified version of the classical Arabic, used in written and oral statements in commerce, politics, media and tourism, while the known or colloquial Arabic, on the contrary, is an informal language that we use daily, and varies from country to country and from region to region, and both the method of communication and phonetics represent the basic tools in the study of language.

The reasons that drive learning this language vary, there are reasons related to studying, or interest in knowing the necessary tools in technical and professional communication, as well as the cultural, commercial and economic field, and we will mention some types of Arabic language courses:

Modern Standard Arabic Language Courses: These courses are organized individually or for limited number groups, and consist of two levels:

For beginners (first level), addressed to those who have a simple knowledge of the Arabic language, or those who have knowledge of some preliminary information but do not have the ability to distinguish Arabic letters and do not pronounce sounds correctly, and after the initial assimilation of the foundations of writing and phonetics is initiated to learn the basic rules of the principles of grammar with the help of texts used in specialized institutes to teach foreigners audio materials such as nouns, numbers, type, use of the only identification tool, nominal sentence, verb and others.

After the beginner (second level), addressed to those who have a basic knowledge of the Arabic language, meaning that they can distinguish alphabets without difficulty and have a good knowledge of the principles of grammar, and this is a case of skipping a university test of the Arabic language and who enrolled in the course of the first level, and at this level special attention is paid to the conversation as the follow-up is carried out in depth in the grammar rules with the treatment of complex expression.

Arabic Language Course for Technical or Commercial Purposes: The same specifications as the Modern Standard Arabic course but with a more practical explanation, directed at conversation and depth in economic and commercial vocabulary, this course is aimed at individuals or companies who need to understand the foundations of the language for reasons related to work and mediation with business partners in the Arab world.

Individual Arabic Language Courses: Individual courses are aimed at those who wish to follow a completely personal path in the study of grammar and in conversation training, and for those who are interested in expanding the study of certain aspects of culture and the Arab world.

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