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Islamic Science courses are a group of courses through which students are taught Islamic Sharia sciences, giving them sufficient information about jurisprudential issues, and matters of religion that a Muslim should delve deeper into.

Through Islamic science courses, students learn a wide range of matters related to religion and the history of Islamic da’wah, where they are taught to interpret the Holy Qur’an, the various sciences of jurisprudence, in addition to the sciences of hadith and the methods adopted by scholars in classifying the hadiths said by the Prophet Muhammad, and the courses also deal with the biography of the Great Prophet, the companion, the achievements they have made, and the way they spread the true religion.

Islamic science courses are held in specialized centers in this matter, equipped with all the necessary teaching means that help the student understand the content of these courses, and are taught by specialists in the field of Islamic sciences, and at the end of the course students are awarded accredited certificates in Islamic sciences

The importance of Islamic science courses lies in a range of things, the most important and prominent of which are:

  1. It gives trainees many information about religion that makes them able to understand the matters of their religion correctly and correctly.
  2. It helps to spread the Islamic religion through students who serve as preachers of Islam.
  3. The facts about the information about which there is much controversy are drawn up for them.
  4. These courses focus on instructional topics especially in relation to the categories of Qur’anic discourse.
  5. Highlighting the Islamic identity and achieving it in thought and behavior.
  6. Clarify and correct a wide range of terms and concepts of legitimacy that are similar to a large number of people.
  7. Give sufficient and adequate information about the doctrines of jurisprudence.
  8. Keeping abreast of the scientific, civilizational and social requirements of the times.

From the above, we see that there is a great importance for courses in Islamic sciences, given the role of these courses in spreading the correct teachings of Islam, providing a group of specialists in the field of Sharia sciences, and offering trainees recognized certificates.
In conclusion, we hope to be successful in providing useful information in which we have clarified all matters related to courses in Islamic sciences.

This academy is one of the most important academies that offer distance courses in Islamic sciences, and the academy teaches its curriculum through lessons shown on its TV channel of the same name.
The Academy offers courses in Islamic sciences in seven departments, namely Faith, Tafseer, Hadith, Prophetic Biography, Arabic Language and Islamic Education, and awards trainees recognized certificates.

W offer courses in Islamic sciences remotely through a range of visual and audio educational courses of interest to the Muslim, and the platform gives trainees a certificate at the end of the educational courses.

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