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Quran Ijazah Online


Within the objectives of Al Yusr Academy for the Education of the Holy Quran to prepare a Qur’anic generation at a high level of mastery and specialization, and in view of the increasing demand for Qur’anic Ijazah rings by the keepers of the Book of Allah the Almighty, our workshops were opened to qualify for the Qur’anic Ijazah Online through zoom classes, for males and females, thus bringing the best Qur’anic Ijazah online tutors through Al yusr academy.

An integrated program has been developed that includes the start of a two-month rehabilitation course for the Qur’anic Ijazah in which the following is done:
1. Review the Holy Quran elaborately twice.
2. Memorize the board of the island with its explanation and Ijazah in it.
3. Reading Surat al-Baqarah we received individually.
4. Read my uncle’s parts and bless our collective receipt.
5. Provide an introduction to the science of readings and dedicate the talk to Hafs’s novel about Asim and its ways of chateau and Taybeh.

During the qualifying course, students are interviewed by professional online interviews and tutors by the Ijazah Committee and the performance notes in which the students fall are recorded for correction during the subsequent period.
After the completion of the qualifying course, the students meet the final interview on the basis of which the approval of the start of the Qur’anic Ijazah for those who were eligible, and the follow-up of reading and tuning for those who need more mastery.
Alot of male and female students benefited from the Qur’anic Ijazah online classes during the eleventh month, and the Ijazah began with Hafs’s account of the capital of three students and eleven female students, within the hours of reading and Ijazah amounting to (240) two hundred and forty training hours.

‎The importance of the Ijazah of Holy Quran is due to great importance, which is that the reading of the Holy Quran is not considered correct if it is not taken from the mouths of the masterful sheikhs, and so that the person can read others, and authorize him to read, because reading the Holy Quran is not enough to read it just listening and presentation, but what meaning is read and Ijazah The meanings may not be clear in the minds of some enough, so the Ijazah and reading can be clarified more deeply.‎

‎The Holy Qur’an is not like any book that anyone can read and others can sit in front of it to read on it, why is it different then the difference of the Holy Quran from other books is due to three things.‎

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